A Quick Guide to Setting Up a Vue.js 2 and Laravel Homestead App

Hi there. Here are the steps I followed to speed up the process of building a Vue.js app powered by Laravel. The objective: Set up and run a new dev environment right away. I am using Homestead, which is a popular Vagrant box that comes with all you need to create modern PHP apps, so I will assume that you’ve already installed and set up Homestead on your local computer as well. Leer más

Topological Sorting in PHP by Using a Random Permutation

Are you OK? I hope so! Today I’ve had the opportunity to dig deeper into the world of permutations and I’ve figured out a way to perform a topological sort (also known as topsort) in PHP without using Kahn’s algorithm nor Depth-first search – which are a couple of usual solutions to this problem — but relying on a random permutation. Leer más