I’ve got a Kindle eReader and I occasionally download cool web pages into my laptop only to convert them with Calibre to MOBI format

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Have you ever needed to convert an HTML page into an eBook just because you wanted to enjoy a good reading experience?

Or did you want to read an exciting article on your eReader while hiking, without Internet connection, or while commuting in the train or in the bus?

I bet you have.

I’ve got a Kindle eReader and I occasionally download cool web pages into my laptop only to convert them to MOBI format with Calibre.

Calibre is a free software application for e-book management licensed under a GPL license, and MOBI is a format used by Amazon.

With Calibre, HTML pages can be converted into almost any eBook format: EPUB, AZW3, MOBI, PDF, TXT, etc.

In my opinion MOBI is especially useful to read technical documentation containing source code in a particular programming language or languages. With MOBI the source code reads very well.

The font size can easily be changed on my Kindle eReader with a menu option, and I don’t have to zoom in or zoom out.

I’d say the MOBI reading experience is better than PDF or TXT for example, but it also depends on your preferences as well as on the kind of content to be read.

In today’s tip I’ll show you how to convert an HTML web page to MOBI format in seconds for free – the tip is also useful for those of you who may have let’s say a Kobo eReader and want to convert HTML documents into EPUB.

Let’s Get to It

Suppose you’re learning some React and would like to refresh your memory on components and props, so you open your favourite web browser and visit React’s official documentation at Components and Props.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Select the Save page as… option

Figure 2

Figure 2. Click on the Save button

Figure 3

Figure 3. Notice that a folder and an HTML file have been downloaded

Figure 4

Figure 4. Open Calibre and click on the Add books button

Figure 5

Figure 5. Select the HTML file downloaded and click on the Open button

Figure 6

Figure 6. Click on the Convert books button

Figure 7

Figure 7. Click on the OK button

Figure 8

Figure 8. Select the Click to open option

Figure 9

Figure 9. Voila! Find the MOBI file in your Calibre library

This is the fastest possible way to do the file conversion I guess, but you may want to play around with the configuration options available in Figure 7: Metadata, Look & feel, Heuristic processing, Page setup, and so on.

Well, that’s another blog post for another time; I am getting on a train right now with my coffee and eReader.

Thank you so much for reading.

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