Cinta de casete de los años 80

Tal y como explicamos en el post anterior, Se busca información en catálogos colectivos de bibliotecas, nos ha tocado vivir un tiempo donde se generan toneladas de información googlizada cada día que pasa.

Tenemos prisa. Buscamos información de todo tipo a través de un único punto, Google, sin...

Una bibliotecaria busca libros

En una ocasión nos dimos cuenta de algo sobre el uso de las nuevas tecnologías en lo que a búsqueda y recuperación de información se refiere.

Casi todas las personas de nuestro entorno, conocidos, familiares y amigos, utilizan Google para acceder a información de todo tipo. Lo tienen configurado...

A tag cloud

Why not a blog without categories?

Labeling things and people has always been a cause for concern to human beings, so why wouldn't you just get rid of labels when blogging?

I know, this might seem to many as a controversial decision to be made, and it is actually, but think a little bit about...

A boy and a girl looking surprised in front of a laptop

Have you ever needed to convert an HTML page into an eBook just because you wanted to enjoy a good reading experience?

Or did you want to read an exciting article on your eReader while hiking, without Internet connection, or while commuting in the train or in the bus?

I bet you have.


A ship loading containers

Laravel 5 is a nice PHP framework for web artisans that enables to easily write robust MVC applications. Also it encourages the use of Homestead for local development.

Homestead is a Vagrant box that comes out of the box with all you need to cleanly write PHP web apps without messing up y...

A smiling cat having milk and cookies

Cookies! A bit of a headache in the world of web development since the GDPR was implemented in May 2018.

Let me show you how to easily remove all YouTube cookies from your site right away, even if it has thousands of videos embedded already -- in which case of course you don't want to remove...